Collective Fallout Volume One, January 2009

Collective Fallout Volume One, January 2009, is now available for purchase in both print and digital formats—click on the image above, or follow the Collective Fallout Press link to the left.

Comments, reaction, and reviews of the issue are welcome as comments to this post.

Stephen Mead, “We Float” – Painting
Erin Popelka, “Chalk Outlines” – Fiction
Lawrence Schimel, “Skating Beauty” – Poetry
Tony Leuzzi, “Today” &
“Naked Guy in Gym Locker Room, 1989” – Poetry
Sandra Gail Lambert, “The Swamp Goddess” – Fiction
Martins Iyoboyi, “Dark Callings” – Poetry
Gina Abelkop, “Boom Boom” – Poetry
Matthew Williams, “Tart” – Poetry
Damien Serbu, “Deadly Angel” – Fiction
Arden Eli Hill, “Bedtime Story” – Poetry
Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran, “ANC” – Poetry

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