Introducing new Associate Editors

Collective Fallout would like to introduce two new Associate Editors for our next issue:

Brandon “Our Hero” Gretter is a two-time Lyle B. Shoestring New Hampshire Regional Handsome Dan Award Winner, has sired bastard children with webbed feet the world over, and contains all the nutrients and electrolytes your body needs.  Some D words that accurately describe his writing would be: Dashing, Daring, Dynamic, Delicate, Dirigible-like.  In his free time, he enjoys bare-knuckle boxing with kangaroos and supping upon edible gold.

Marie Stern is a guinea pig and tattoo enthusiast who likes to draw and write an awful lot. She has a B.A. in the Interdisciplinary Arts from Chester College of New England and is enamored with writing short fiction, sequential art and illustration, book-making, print-making, philosophy, lit-crit, and art history, among many things. She’s had short stories published in Compass Rose and even in the July 2009 issue of Collective Fallout. She also loves the color orange.


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