Introducing New Editors

The Editors of Collective Fallout would like to introduce their new members, Assistant Editors Michelle Galo and Gabriel Malloy.  Michelle and Gabriel will begin working in January on Volume Two Number 2.  We don’t know what they are looking at–but there is apparently something of great importance in the upper right of the screen.  New online content?

* * * * *

Assistant Editor, Michelle Galo

Michelle Galo lives, writes, and teaches in upstate New York to the sounds of sparrows and snowplows.  Her poems have appeared in Alehouse and Naugatuck River Review.  She enjoys embroiling innocent bystanders in philosophical conversations, baking cookies, lurking in used bookstores, and writing more Vampire: The Masquerade characters than she will ever have time to play.

* * * * *

Assistant Editor, Gabriel Malloy

Gabriel Malloy is an amateur dishwasher and professional freelance writer currently living in Los Angeles, where he is definitely not working on a screenplay.  His interests include tea, BBC Radio 4, mythology, and his ongoing speculative fiction project.  His work has previously appeared in Collective Fallout, and he is a finalist for the first Delfino Prize in Queer Genre Fiction.


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