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Collective Fallout accepts the following submissions (see complete guidelines below):

  • Short Story / Flash Fiction / Novelette
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Graphic Novel / Comic Book pages
  • Art / Photography (for covers)

If you have produced something which does not fit into one of these categories, but is otherwise queer and speculative (appropriate to the theme of the upcoming issue, if any), feel free to submit.  While we cannot guarantee that alternate forms will be accepted, we will consider the work if it will fit into the magazine.  Collective Fallout does not accept non-fiction articles, interviews, or reviews for its print magazine.

Collective Fallout does not consider work that has been published elsewhere (online or in print). We may consider work previously published on the writer’s PERSONAL blog or site with limited readership, provided it has shown revision since initial posting. Please include the URL with the submission; Collective Fallout reserves the right to turn down any submission that has been published on personal blogs and websites.

Submit all content for the print magazine electronically through our online submission manager. Please attach files (in PDF, DOC, RTF or TXT formats for fiction, poetry, and drama; see below for visual arts).  Do not submit work via email.


Submission periods for the fifth volume are listed below.  Please allow up to two months for response.  The editors reserve the right to publish volume five in a single issue.

April 1 through July 8 for the themeless Summer 2013 / 5th Anniversary issue.  (most recent change effective July 1)

September 1 through December 31 for the themeless Winter 2014 issue.

March 1 through June 30 for the themeless Summer 2014 issue.


Short Story, flash fiction, and novelette submissions must concern queer themes and/or characters, and fall into one or more of the science fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism, experimental, surrealist, or other speculative genres as appropriate for the upcoming issue. Fiction submissions may be up to 10,000 words in length (for serialized stories, this is up to 10,000 per installment) .   For serialized stories, submit the first installment with a description of the remainder of the series (including the total number of installments); if a serial is accepted, it will run in successive issues of the magazine.

Poetry submissions must be queer-related and of a surreal, metaphysical, or similar nature; narrative poetry should relate to the same genres as fiction.  Poems may be formal, free verse, or prose poetry.  Up to 5 poems per submission, no more than 450 total lines.

Drama submissions must concern queer themes and/or characters and of a surreal, metaphysical, or similar nature or fall into any one or more of the accepted fiction genres.  Plays should run from 8 to 15 minutes, and must include contact information for performance rights.

Graphic novel or comic book pages must be black & white and follow the same thematic elements as fiction.  Complete stories, serialized stories, or vignettes up to 25 pages (for serialized stories, this is up to 25 pages per installment).  Submit pages digitally in PDF format at moderate to low quality; for serialized stories, submit the first installment as a PDF with a description of the remainder of the series (including the total number of installments) as a DOC, DOCX, or RTF attachment; if a serial is accepted, it will run in successive issues of the magazine. Collective Fallout reserves the right to discontinue a series at any time. Each page should be approximately 4.8 x 7.3 inches (or be able to fit on a page that size), at 300 pixels per inch.  Pages should generally read from left to right, top to bottom, or otherwise be clearly marked.  Upon acceptance, higher-quality images will be requested.

Art and Photography submissions must contain queer imagery and fulfill one or more of the following requirements: 1) be related in some way to the accepted fiction genres; 2) be of surrealist, dada, or similar style.  Only one or two full-color images will be printed per issue on its covers.  No other images will be published.  Cover submissions should be submitted digitally via email as an attachment (JPG or GIF) at a maximum of 500 x 500 pixels.Upon acceptance, higher quality images will be requested.


All literary submissions must be written primarily English.  Translations of other authors’ work are not accepted—original work only.

We will not accept submissions of blatant pornography. We welcome submissions that make use of subtlety and innuendo; our primary focus remains the genres listed above. We will not accept fan-fiction or “slash.”

The queer focus of this magazine is on the Art, not the Artist.  So long as the work is queer (and speculative), the sexual orientation and/or identity of the artist is irrelevant.  Likewise, if the work is not queer, the sexual orientation and/or identity of the artist is equally irrelevant.

Simultaneous submissions accepted; please keep us informed if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Collective Fallout acquires First North American Serial Rights.  Upon publication, all rights return to the creators.  Excerpts published online are done so with the creator’s permission.

Contributors will receive one digital copy of the magazine. Print copies must be purchased.

Contributors are welcome to submit again upon publication.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact editor @

Updated 01 July 2013


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