Editors | In Memoriam

Collective Fallout is a literary magazine dedicated to queer-themed sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery and other speculative short fiction, poetry, and art. It is a print journal, published twice a year (January & July).

The blog is where readers will find editorial content, and is where readers are encouraged to comment on and reply to the print journal.

We hope what you find here opens your minds and makes you think about what queer literature means to our culture. It is not just entertainment. It is a teacher and a tool. It is a statement of past, present, and future.

To contact an editor, please send an email to editor @ collectivefallout.com


2 Responses to About

  1. Hello.

    My name is Karen Gosselin. I met one of your editors, Todd, at Granite State Comicon on Saturday and had a fantastic conversation with him.

    I like your site and would like to submit artwork but I have a question. Do I create something completely out of my own imagination or am I supposed to follow a theme that will be in the next issue before it will be looked at? For example if the theme was Greek Mythology for one issue would I be expected to submit artwork that fits that theme before it will be looked at or considered?

    Thanks and kind regards,

    Karen Gosselin

    • collectivefallout says:

      There will no themes for the two issues planned for 2013. Create for us whatever you wish, and submit during one of our two scheduled reading periods. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date.

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