Chief Editor, Eric Crapo

Chief Editor, Eric Crapo

Eric Crapo has taught introductory courses in creative writing, poetry, playwriting and erotica at schools throughout New England.  In addition to poetry & drama, Eric has been known to dabble in photography and speculative fiction.  His work has appeared in Sensations Magazine, Verse, BUTT, Origami Condom, Moonshot, and Organs of Vision and Speech (OVS).  His short play Imbolc is available for production — please contact him at collectiveallout @ gmail.com for more information (contains explicit content).

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Senior Editor, Gabriel Malloy (Fiction)

Gabriel Malloy is an amateur dishwasher and professional freelance writer currently living in Los Angeles, where he is definitely not working on a screenplay.  His interests include tea, BBC Radio 4, mythology, and his ongoing speculative fiction project.  His work has previously appeared in Collective Fallout, and he is the winner of the first Delfino Prize in Queer Genre Fiction.

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Senior Editor, Todd Abernathy (Poetry)

Wm Todd Abernathy is an unsettled writer living in Manchester, NH under the auspices of normality. He earned his BA in Creative Writing from Chester College of New England, and his MFA in Fiction from Southern New Hampshire University. Todd’s poetry and fiction have appeared in Collective Fallout, Compass Rose and Amoskaeg Magazine, while his spoken word can be heard on the CD, Esther Buffler and Friends, High on Poetry. He currently teaches writing at Hesser College, and is passively searching for a 30min fiction open mike.

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Senior Editor, Kelsey McCarthy (Art, Graphic Storytelling)

Kelsey lives a nomadic lifestyle somewhere between Rhode Island and Maine, has three dogs, and desires a harem of bisexual men. Her work has previously appeared in Collective Fallout, and she was the runner-up for the first Delfino Prize in Queer Genre Fiction.


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