New Issue!


v1n2 front copy

Collective Fallout Volume One, Number 2, July2009, is now available for purchase in both print and digital formats.


Zach Wong, “You Complete Me” (art)

Gabriel Malloy, “Mercy Following” (fiction)

Stephen S. Mills, “‘War of the Worlds’ as Fact, 1938” (poetry)

Colin James, “The Buttocks of Oblivion” (poetry)

Marie Stern, “Afferent Thursday” (fiction)

Peter G. Res, “Benediction or the Death of Light” (poetry)

Robert Samoraj, “Stoned” (fiction)

Tony Palmieri, “shrunk” (poetry)

Jeffrey A. Ricker, “The Visitor” (fiction)

Ashley Kreutter, “The Pope’s Vagina” (poetry)

Sergio Ortiz, “One and the same” (poetry)

Jim Nawrocki, “The Ballad of Tangleton” (fiction)


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